Standard collet chucks

Many different tapers on stock: HSK25, HSK32, HSK40, HSK50, HSK63, HSK80 (Form A/E/F)

Internal collet chucks

… also called “Superspeed” are equiped with our patented ZETA safety clamping system by default. There are versions in HSK63 A/E/F, SK-variants and many more!

Milling arbors

Milling arbors with a variety of tapers and forms are available from stock.

NC-drill chucks

NC-drill chucks (clamping range 1-13mm and 3-16mm) are available with different tapers. (HSK63F/E, SK30/40)

Sawblade holders

Sawblade holders are available in 2 different diameters: 58mm and 110mm. Several lenghts with HSK63 F & E taper.

Milling arbor

Grinding wheel holders after DIN Norm for Hawema, Walter, Saacke and many more are available from stock in different lenghts.